About Us

Welcome to Bikestrippers!

Managed by Matt Cline since 2011 we have grown from 800 parts to over 22 thousand!!! Thank you Matt!

Thank you for visiting BikeStrippers.com, We hope the future brings more changes to our hobby and to this site!

What We Do!
We buy motorcycles from dealers or individuals, strip and offer the parts for sale on our online store, We are not a "chop shop" "biker club" or "junk yard" Contrary to what you might think. In fact we are respectful honest helpful people that enjoy what we do, which is helping others get the parts to fix their bikes. all our bikes are VIN checked so we know there is no "funny business".

BikeStrippers offers a large inventory of parts at competitive prices. We Generally have several thousand parts on hand and ready to ship. We average listing 500 - 1000 parts a week, We had a Goal of having 10,000 parts listed by the end of 2013 which We fully met that and have now moved and expanded since we had outgrown our building. We now have also met a goal of 15,000 parts and actually closing in on 20,000 parts before year end.

In other words, we've got what you need.

Whether your next project is as simple as replacing a broken clutch lever or as complex as replacing the entire engine, we are here to help! 
In the last 4 years We have stripped over 350 bikes and 40 more that were already stripped! 

About Our Logo, as the name implies we are bike strippers, not strippers on bikes, the logo was intended to get attention as any logo should so we don't mind the occasional raise of an eyebrow :)  But keep in mind, ITS a LOGO, its not a picture or considered obscene by any means, It stands out, but its a silhouette...
Most people love our logo, it does what i created it to do.

Support and Service:

- Questions get answered honestly, to the best of our knowledge and in a timely manor! 
If you would like to change an order before it is shipped we will make every effort to help you. Yes we have been known to chase down the mail man on occasion :)

Product Selection:

- You can search our items listed by part name, motorcycle, store brand, and price. There are many ways to find the part you need!  We recommend looking through our listings rather than calling or emailing us to ask for a part. As generally everything we have is listed, but if it is a Rare part, feel free to email us and ask!

Order Fulfillment:

- We ship 5 days a week!  Items bought before 9am will be shipped that day, sometime we may ship items up to noon.  One good thing is that 95% of our eBay sales get shipped within just one business day!

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